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Metal Garurumon [Evo]

Metal Garurumon is a Mega level Digimon. His rookie counterpart is Gabumon. He is a versitile character, able to suit both a defensive zoning play style (common among Japanese players), or an aggressive mix up focused, big damage play style (Yuri Bacon being notable for being the first to pioneer this play style for Metal Garurumon), and generally making for a great all around character who can easily switch between either play style. He is generally considered a high to top tier character. If Yuri reads this she has to work on the wiki

Move & Character Data

General Data

Element Water :water:
Defense 1.174
Jump 3/5
Walk Speed 10/10
Feint Resist 10/10

Move Frame Data

General Move Data
Button Move Name Move Name (Japanese) Start Up Frames Active Frames End Lag Frames Frame Advantage Damage (Avg) Meter Gain Stun Launch/Knock Down Notes
:bs: 4.8% 6.6% Neither
:bs: :bs: 4.6% 13.3% Neither
:bs: :bs: :bs: 8.9% 20.1% Knockdown
Up :bs: 4.6% 6.6% Launch
Crouch :bs: 4.8% 6.6% Knockdown
Dash :bs: 4.6% 6.6% Knockdown
:bt: 12.5% 20.8% Knockdown
:bc: hits 4 times each hit 3.1% 10.2% Neither
Air :bs: 4.6% 6.6% Neither
Air Forward :bs: 4.6% 6.6% Neither
Air Up :bs: 4.6% 6.6% Launch
Air :bt: 12.5% 20.8% Knockdown
Air :bc: hits 4 times each hit 3.1% 10.2% Neither
:br1: (big missile deals 25%) (14 small missiles that deal 2.3% each) Neither The damage for each missle depends on unknown factors. Damage values below were tested at point blank, and not from a distance.
Damage Dealt & Meter Given on Hit
Button Reapermon Blackwargreymon Omnimon
:bs: :bs: :bs: 2866 + 2755 + 5290 (10911) / 4197 + 4141 + 5409 (13747) 3162 + 3040 + 5837 (12039) / 4345 + 4284 + 5682 (14331) 2915 + 2803 + 5381 (11099) / 4221 + 4165 + 5454 (13840)
Up :bs: 2755 / 4141 3040 / 4284 2803 / 4165
Crouch :bs: 2866 / 4197 3162 / 4345 2915 / 4221
Dash :bs: ? ? ?
Air :bs: 2755 / 4141 3040 / 4284 2803 / 4165
Up Air :bs: 2755 / 4141 3040 / 4284 2803 / 4165
Forward Air :bs: 2755 / 4141 3040 / 4284 2803 / 4165
Throw 1392 + 2320 + 3712 (7424) / 3460 + 2924 + 5620 (12004) 1536 + 2560 + 4096 (8192) / 3532 + 4044 + 4812 (12388) 1416 + 2360 + 3776 (7552) / 3472 + 3944 + 4652 (12068)
:bt: 7424 / 6476 8192 / 6860 7552 / 6540
:bc: 1856 x4 (7424) / 3692 x4 (14768) 2048 x4 (8192) / 3788 x4 (15152) 1888 x4 (7552) / 3708 x4 (14832)
:br1: 13920 + 14848 (28768) / 9724 + 10188 (19912) 15360 / 10444 14160 / 9844
Damage Dealt & Meter Given on Block

Dmg/Meter on Block

Button Reapermon Blackwargreymon Omnimon
:bs: :bs: :bs: 0 / 2304 x3 (6912) 0 / 2304 x3 (6912) 0 / 2304 x3 (6912)
Up :bs: 0 / 2304 0 / 2304 0 / 2304
Crouch :bs: 0 / 2304 0 / 2304 0 / 2304
Dash :bs: ? ? ?
Air :bs: 0 / 2304 0 / 2304 0 / 2304
Up Air :bs: 0 / 2304 0 / 2304 0 / 2304
Forward Air :bs: 0 / 2034 0 / 2304 0 / 2304
:bt: 1856 / 3232 2048 / 3328 1888 / 3248
:bc: 464 x4 (1856) / 2536 x4 (10144) 512 x4 (2048) / 2560 x4 (10240) 472 x4 (1888) / 2540 x4 (10160)
:br1: 3480 + 3712 (7192) / 4044 + 4160 (8204) 3840 + 4096 (7936) / 4224 + 4352 (8576) 3540 / 4074


Bread and Butter

Circle :bc: → Throw

Metal Garurumon's best and most basic combo building block. It can be combo'd into from launcher, and can lead into wall and respawn combos, and on its own does good damage, combining Metal Garurumon's two highest damaging moves together. The combo works exactly as it appears, the only requirement is that you have to be within range to run up and get the throw while they are still in hitstun, but since :bc: is a multihit move, you should have plenty of time and good amount of range to work within and still have the combo work. This combo is an absolute must for all Metal Garurumon players of all play styles.

Air :bs: → Up :bs: (Launcher) → :bc: → Throw → :bs:

A good, optimal combo with easy execution. Any two consecutive moves in this combo can be used on their own as building blocks for other combos, or as part of spontaneous and improvised combos, but put all together this gets a bit more damage than the above combo, can stun if it is landed twice rather quickly. The downside is that while air :bs: has lots of active frames, the need to fall with it leaves you open to get punished if it gets blocked, so you will need to mix this combo up with other options.

[Stun] → Super

Super has extremely slow start up, and the missles go everywhere and mostly miss when used normally, doing very poor damage in comparison to other supers and its major drawbacks, but its one strength is that, when done at point black range (right in front of your opponent), it does incredible damage. If you do it randomly you will obviously get punished during the huge start up, but if you stun your opponent first, you can get it off easily. Basically 100% of the time you stun your opponent, there is usually a more optimal combo you can do that will get you even bigger damage, but when in doubt, using super on stun is a great bread and butter punish for beginners or fallback when you panic and don't know what a more optimal punish would be. Outside of stun however, super has very limited to no practical use, so it has no real further relevance than this.

Option Selects

[Launched Opponent] → :bs: Restand / Throw Catch

This comes into play mostly for improvised combos, and also for a short wall combo in the "Wall Combos" section. When the opponent is launched into the air, it is possible to both restand them with a normal in a 1 frame window, or to catch them out of the air with a throw within a 1-2 frame window immediately after (more tested is needed to know if its 1 or 2 frames, or what variables affects the window size). Normally when you input throw when out of range, you get a :bs: instead, so when a launched opponent is falling and you want to improvise as much damage as possible, you can hold forward and press :bs:, and make the effective window for getting either of them 2-3 frames big, much much easier to hit. If you hit early, you will get :bs: but won't restand with it, so the combo will end there and they will enter knockdown. If you hit the restand window, you will restand them and can follow up with :bs: → throw, described in the Link Combos section. If you hit the throw catch window right after, you will immediately throw them, missing out on the damage of one :bs: but still getting the bigger damage of the throw and removing the need for the 1 frame :bs: → throw link. Hit it too late and you whiff completely and they enter knockdown, ending the combo. The restand and throw catch are both about as favorable as each other, and thankfully the windows for each are back to back with each other, making it much easier to get at least one or the other.

This section will discuss combos or combo building blocks that require 3 frame or less combo execution windows, mostly 1 frame windows.

:bs: → Throw

Because Metal Garurumon's :bs: string is not a true combo (3rd hit has way too much start up lag, leaving you incredibly open to getting punished), the second and third hits of his :bs: string are basically completely useless, and should be avoided in all circumstances. The first hit however is still very fast, good for squeezing extra damage out of combos, and great for restanding during improvised combos, but without the jab string to back it up it leaves you completely open. Luckily, there is a 1 frame window where you can true combo into throw off jab string. Press :bs: too early and you get the 2nd hit of your :bs: string (at this point you should either just hold block and pray, or mash out the last :bs: string hit anyways). Press it too late and your opponent will be able to act, and either throw you (or do their :bs: string, etc.), or run and/or jump away, but you might still get a tick throw if they are not prepared or don't manage to escape, which is just as good as hitting it within the correct window. Just like an other combo ending in throw, you can go for another :bs: hit for extra damage, or lead into a wall or respawn combo.

Here is the link timing assuming :bs: hits on its first active frame, and it is universal across all characters:

Frame 1 Frames 2-? Frame ?
:bs: Release :bs: at any time, and start holding forward at any time. Forward + :bs:

Air :bs: → Up :bs: (Launcher) → :bc: → Up :bs: (Launcher) → Up :bs: (Launcher) Restand → :bc: → Throw [Touch of Death Stun Combo]

Up :bs: (launcher) is a more situational restand, since landing launcher on a restand frame, instead of returning the opponent to hitstun, will instead relaunch them with the key distinction being that it relaunches them with the same, consistent launch arc as it did the first time, instead of the inconsistent arc you normally get from hitting a launched opponent in the air, allowing for juggling/carrying the opponent in the air. You will probably never use this in an improvised combo (and if you do try, you can only do it once or twice before you're out of range to hit up :bs: (launcher) again), but in this combo you can use it to stall the combo just long enough for your :bc: cooldown to finish and use it twice in the same combo, scoring big damage, and if the full combo hits, stunning the opponent, even a fresh character at the start of the round. The full combo does roughly a bit over 50% damage on evos, so repeating the combo a second time once the opponent is stunned will result in a 100% touch of death combo on all evos. If the opponent somehow had more than 100% health (which cannot happen under any normal circumstances), the second loop of the combo won't stun, so it is not actually infinite. The last up :bs: (launcher) in the combo is the only 1 frame link in the combo, with everything else being similar to the high damage bread and butter combo found above. To land it, you will have to go from pressing directly up + :bs: for the first launcher, to forward to catch up with the launch arc (up can be held if you like), to directly up again for the next launcher. Hitting either :bs: while holding up + forward will get you first hit of :bs: instead, which can be salvaged with :bs: → throw as described above, but you will lose out on some or possibly a lot of damage and you probably will not get stun, as the combo does only just enough stun for a fresh character.

The link timing varies across characters depending on their weight, so you will have to lab and grind this timing out yourself.

Wall Combos

These combos depend upon being starting a combo close enough to a wall to use it. These wall combos don't vary much based on the stage, so they are listed here instead of under each stage.

Note: The bottom left wall of Volcano has a roughly 45 degree angle wall at the bottom of it, making it weird to combo off of. To get the most consistent combo results off this wall, treat it as a short wall instead of a tall wall, but either set of combos will work.

Tall Walls

Tall walls are any wall tall enough to keep the opponent in against the wall even if they are launched into the air, such as the bottom right wall of Volcano or either wall of Revolution.

Spamming Up :bs: (Launcher)

How you combo into this exactly will depend on just how far you are from the wall, so it will take some experimentation and experience to know how exactly to convert into this one, but once you do, the combo works exactly as it sounds. Just hold up and mash :bs: (go at a pace you are comfortable with without switching hand positions or controller grips, 1-2 press/second is more than enough) to keep them juggled up in the air. The wall keeps them from going anywhere, and up :bs: (launcher) is very fast, so this will combo into itself for quite a while, long enough to stun the opponent off this alone most of the time.

Once this stuns the opponent (or if you stun the opponent close enough to the wall to push or combo them to it real quick), you can easily loop this into an infinite combo by doing the high damage bread and butter combo from above, but after throw instead of doing :bs:, start spamming up :bs: (launcher) again. Most of the time starting this combo at all will guarantee a round win, but if you're unlucky the opponent might fall down to the ground and enter knockdown. You can try to hit them right back into the combo but chances are they will try to jump away to avoid you continuing the infinite.

Short Walls

Short walls are any wall short enough that if you launch the opponent into the air, they will over the wall and end the combo prematurely. Since these walls require you to keep the opponent grounded, they often require links and are harder to pull off.

Throw → :bs: Restand → Throw Loop

Much like the tall wall combo above, throwing an opponent into a wall will keep them right in front of you without sending them upwards. From here, you can restand them with :bs:, then 1 frame link into another throw to complete the loop and repeat infinitely until you get stun. The [Launched Opponent] → :bs: Restand / Throw Catch option select is particularly relevant here, as you can use both outcomes to complete the loop and makes execution easier. If you get the :bs: restand, you will need to get the 1 frame link throw to complete the truly loop. If you get the throw catch, that directly completes the throw → throw loop. If you whiff the option select completely the opponent will go into knockdown and the combo ends. If you fail the 1 frame link from :bs: restand to throw, the usual punish/escape/tick throw scenarios apply from the :bs: → throw combo in the Link Combos section. If your execution is on point, you should be able to loop this until it stuns. Once it stuns, since they are already in place and you don't have much time to move them around, the best way to repeat the combo is do just :bc: → throw, and enter the loop from there, since adding anything else at the start will prevent you from performing the loop, the same way you can't add anything to the loop itself.

Stage Specific Combos & Tech

Respawn Combos


Once your opponent has fallen off the stage by some means (jumped off, hit them off, threw them off, etc.), return to their respawn point as quickly as possible, and do air :bs::bs: :bs:. Air :bs: has tons of active frames making hitting the respawn window extremely easy, and easily true combos into :bs: string. The first two hits are enough to push the opponent just far enough to fall off the ledge and reset the respawn combo. DO NOT do the third hit of :bs: string however. It is still much too slow and will most likely cause you to drop the combo, so it is best to do only the first two hits of :bs: string and then jump for the next repetition of the loop. If you do input the third hit of :bs: string on accident, the best course of action is to skip air :bs: and go straight to hitting the respawn with the first hit of :bs: string. If you're lucky, you'll get the respawn and knock them off, and can go back to the intended loop, but if you're unlucky you'll miss the respawn and the combo will end. If the opponent ever gets stunned during this loop, just wait for them to wake up, and use :bc: → throw to hit them back off, and start repeating the respawn loop again.






With hazards on, player 2 can get an easy respawn infinite if they manage to drop player 1 on into the left most lava pit while standing on the main platform. Just do air :bs: → up :bs: (launcher) and most characters should fall right off. For characters that don't, do :bc: after launcher, then do up to the first two hits of :bs: string to push them off yourself. You'll have to quickly move back and turn around again to complete the loop in this case.

However, hazards off is the new tournament standard, and Volcano no longer has a slow "sinking" effect to its lava hazard, so it is incredibly tight to the point of being unlikely now. To be able to get it at all, you have to react extremely quickly to the potential respawn opportunity, and then immediately commit fully to performing it with no hesitation at all, and the execution will still be tight. In short, there isn't much point in trying, but if you do, good luck.

Character Specific Tech

Metal Garurumon is one of two characters to be able to cancel a dash attack into any air :bs: normal. Funilly enough, the other character to be able to do this is his rookie form, Gabumon. Performing this tech is very simple, double tap forward to dash, press :bs: to dash attack, then during the active frames or end lag of the dash attack, input any air normal (up air :bs:, forward air :bs:, or air :bs:), and you will cancel the dash attack with the air normal. The momentum of the dash attack will be transferred into your air state, just like dash jumping, and also allows you to perform an air normal extremely close to the ground. This tech is of very limited use, however.

Anti Meta

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