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Netplay Reference

A reference for netplay, or using the netplay pack.

Server List

Here is a Google map of the approximate location of all netplay servers, for your convenience.

If you can't connect to one of these servers or think it might have been shut down, contact me on Discord Yuri Bacon#0423. If you have a server you'd like to add to the list, also contact me.

East Asia
Server Location Administrator Notes Tokyo, Japan Yuri Bacon Singapore Yuri Bacon
Server Location Administrator Notes Halfweg, Netherlands Host Unknown Server shutdown? Roma, Italy Host Unknown Milano, Italy Host Unknown Ponte San Pietro, Italy Host Unknown Server shutdown? Milano, Italy Speedvicio Manchester, United Kingdom Host Unknown Server shutdown? London, United Kingdom Yuri Bacon Frankfurt, Germany Yuri Bacon
North America
Server Location Administrator Notes Califonia, US the mednafen devs (probably) Tends to stutter a lot. The servers bandwidth is probably bottlenecking. is recommended over this one. North Carolina, US Host Unknown Texas, US Yuri Bacon New York, US Yuri Bacon Fremont, CA, US Yuri Bacon Chicago, IL, US Yuri Bacon
North Asia
Server Location Administrator Notes Moscow, Russia Host Unknown ?, Russia Host Unknown Server shutdown?
Server Location Administrator Notes Sydney, Australia Yuri Bacon
South America
Server Location Administrator Notes São Paulo, Brazil Host Unknown Server shutdown?


FIXME Holy word salad, Batman!

As of Stable 3.0, the netplay pack now automatically starts recording a replay every time you join netplay, and saves the replay when you leave netplay or close the emulator (just don't close your Command Prompt/terminal window directly! Close the mednafen window). These replays are automatically moved to the replays folder, for easy access to archive and share them online. If you want to watch them, you can double click on Watch Replay. A Command Prompt/terminal window will appear asking you for what version you want to watch a replay from (3.0 or 3.1, then US or JP), then from what day & time / folder name you'd like to watch a replay from. Those replays will then be moved back into the emulator folder, and the game will be opened for you. To watch a replay, press Shift + #, where # is 0-9 at the top of your keyboard (not the number pad) to pick a replay slot. The first time you joined netplay will be in slot 0, and every time after you joined netplay without closing the emulator will be in slot 1, then 2, and so on. If you joined netplay more than 10 times without closing the game, your replay *did* get saved, but mednafen only can select up to the first 10, so you will sadly have to rename some files yourself to access them. Once you have selected a slot, you can then press Shift + F7 to start watching. Sadly, you cannot skip past anything or rewind, and the replay will include time spent on the Character Select, but you can press the ` key to speed up your emulator past these sections.

Known Issues

Nothing is ever perfect, and the netplay pack is no exception. Here are a list of current known issues with the netplay pack.

Player 2 Persistent Skin Set to Alt Skin After Mirror Matches

After playing a mirror match, player 2's character skin will be changed to "alt skin" regardless of what it was before the mirror match. This bug occurs because Yuri forgot to add one line to the gameshark cheats. This bug will be fixed in the next version.

Challenger Approaching Not Functioning Correctly in VS CPU When Using 1P Arcade Music

If player 1 starts a match in VS CPU using 1P arcade music, and player 2 presses start to initiate "A New Challenger Approaches", the character select screen will incorrectly behave like the 1P arcade character select, disallowing player 1 to change their character, and with handicap prompts missing. It will advance to the 1P arcade character screen, instead of the stage select. Yuri has not yet investigated a fix for this. Might be fixed in next version. To avoid this bug, just don't press player 2 start in VS CPU.

Jumping Out of No Hazards Glacier Ice in JP Version

When playing on Glacier with no hazards enabled in the JP version, whenever you hit the ice, the player returns to an actionable state with their jumps/air moves reset, allowing them to jump out of the ice and back on stage, even if they were combo'd off the stage. Yuri has not yet investigated why this happens, but this is planned to be fixed in the next version.


Basic Training

If you want to do some basic labbing or combo practice, but either can't or don't want to set up the training mode lua script, then here are a few pointers:

  • You can remap functions like saving and loading states, emulator speedup, frame step, and other stuff to where ever you would like them, including on the controller. Just press F2, then the default button for what you'd like to remap. You can them remap it like you would for your controller bindings. Pro tip: You can actually press one button, then press another to bind anything to 2 or more buttons! Just repeat the last key you press to finish mapping.
  • By default, you can use 0-9 keys at the top of the keyboard to select save state slots, and use F5 to save state, and F7 to load state.
  • By default, you can use Alt + A to pause the emulator, and then advance the game one "frame" at a time. "Frame" is in quotes, as mednafen will advance 1/60th of a second (60Hz), when the game runs at a frame rate of 30fps (30Hz), so you will have to press Alt + A twice to advance one frame in the game.
  • You can use Alt + Shift + 2 to map the P2 controls to test opponent actions. Mapping to the keyboard is always a good choice if you don't have a second controller.
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