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Aero Magnets

Aero Magnets Promo Art

Aero Magnets is the first publicly released game Paper Castle worked on1), then working under the placeholder name “V2D”, standing for “2D Venezuela”2). Aero Magnets was developed for Android using Unity, and was released on the Google Play Store3), but is now no longer available. The original release date is unknown, but the game was last updated on June 15th, 20144). An APK of the game obtained from APKMonk can be downloaded here.


At the start of the game, the player drags “Magnetman” down to form the desired starting trajectory, then taps on the screen rapidly to increase starting launch speed. Once Magnetman has been launched, he continues to fly upwards. The player can swipe left and right on the screen at different speeds to change his trajectory. To continue flying upwards, the player must navigate Magnetman towards “Halos”, primarily up halos, which propel Magnetman in the direction the halo is facing. There are various obstacles in Magnetman's path however, such as D-bombs that send Magnetman flying away, or electric triangles (of Pink Death) that instantly ends the game. On either side of the play area are electric fields which, if Magnetman touches, also ends the game instantly. The goal is to get to the highest height possible when the game ends.


From the in-game credits screen:

Rafael Cabrera

Alvaro Dominguez

Alvaro Dominguez

Stijn Van Wekeren
Jean P Taffin



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