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Paper Castle, formerly known as Paper Castle Games, is an independent video game studio founded by Rafael Cabrera and Alvaro “Kay” Dominguez in 2013, and later joined by Stijn van Wakeren and Andie Gallo around 2015. The studio specializes in combining fun, unique gameplay with rich stories and characters. The studio and the team started out in Venezuela and has since moved to Spain. It is considered an online studio however, since its members work remotely from the internet, without a physical office.



The first push to make video games started one night while playing co-op Castle Crashers. Rafael and Kay discussed the idea of making something similar to Castle Crashers with simple art and simple gameplay, something simple they could work on while attending University. These ideas however were greatly underestimated regarding programming skills and workload, after trying and failing to make a very ambitious action platformer game with RPG elements, 3D environments, and traditionally animated 2D sprites, they decided to tackle a smaller project to learn the basics of game making. About two weeks later Aero Magnets was born, an arcade pinball-like game for Android devices. It was mostly played by family members and friends, but it was a necessary step to learn the ins and outs of developing and releasing a small game to the public. With more experience and a little more confidence their next game was decided, another small mobile game for Android. This time it was envisioned as an RPG with simple combat mechanics that could be played for short amounts of time in procedurally generated levels. Unfortunately, the procedural aspect was never achieved, and so the design shifted towards a slightly bigger game for PC with a full story, characters, and worlds. In the beginning it was code-named “RPGuy”, but it was later renamed to Underhero.1)

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