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Underhero is a 2D side scrolling RPG video game with a focus on timing based combat developed and published by Paper Castle (then Paper Castle Games). It was first released for Microsoft Windows on Steam, GameJolt, and on September 19th, 2018. The game takes place in the Chestnut Kingdom, with the player assuming the role of one of Stitches' underling Masked Kids (see: Masked Kid (Protagonist)) and partnered with Elizabeth IV to thwart Mr. Stiches' plot to conquer the Chestnut Kingdom.


Gameplay in Underhero is split into two parts: “Overworld” and “Combat”. While in Overworld, the player has free control over Masked Kid to run, jump, and glide, with the focus of exploring the world, talking with NPCs, finding collectables and items in chests, and completing story objectives. In combat, the player losses full control of Masked Kid with more limited, combat oriented controls. The player can no longer run or glide, but can now talk with enemies, attack using Elizabeth IV as a sword, hammer, or slingshot, and use a shield to block and parry attacks. Underhero also features boss fights that incorporate elements of both the Overworld mechanics with the combat mechanics. For more detailed descriptions of Underhero's mechanics, see Game Mechanics.


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