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Wiki Editing Rules

While all help to add and edit the wiki is appreciated, here are some rules to keep edits and additions acceptable and high quality.

Note about account creation

The server hosting this wiki is not setup with an email server, so there is no actual email verification of accounts at this time, and as such, account recovery or anything else requiring email will not do anything. I recommend entering bogus emails, since they do not matter for the time being. If you are coming here from the Underhero Discord server to edit the wiki, please use the same name as you do on Discord, just treat full name as your username, and username as a short version of your username (Ex. “Yuri Bacon” and “yuri”). As some general tips and rules of thumb once you have your account created, first read up on the DokuWiki Syntax so you know how to edit pages (use the playground to get some practice with it), and make good use of the Preview button on the edit page so you don't submit 5 different page edits back to back for small mistakes you made. If you are having trouble logging into your account, message Yuri Bacon#0423 on Discord about recovering your account.


No Spamming

Making edits to remove stuff from pages, or edit things to be untrue with malicious intent, or otherwise attempting to defile the wiki is not tolerated. If you are found to be defiling the board, your account will be deleted.

No Bullying, Flaming, or Harrasement

Self-explanatory. We are all using our free time to make a good wiki for a game we love, none of this is necessary, even if that wasn't true. If you are found to be harassing other editors, then your account will be deleted.


Make detailed edit summaries

As the name describes, every time you add or edit something on a page, make a very short description of what it was in the edit summary box at the bottom of the edit page. If the edit was small and simple, like fixing a broken link or making a grammar/spelling correction, tick the minor changes tick box.

Readers should be able to read any sentence, and when something is mentioned that has another page that describes something mentioned in better detail, they should be able to click on it and read it. As a general rule of thumb, if you mentioned it by name, it should link to a relevant wiki page. Remember, interwiki links are a thing! If you mention something like Steam that making a page about it would be outside the scope of this wiki, then you should make an interwiki link to Wikipedia or another relevant wiki.



Use discrecion when making new pages

If the page is on the to do list to create, or fits within an already defined framework (for ex. making a page on a type of enemy for Underhero that didn't already exist), you can go ahead and make it, but if its something brand new and doesn't belong in the community namespace, then create a new wiki discussion about making the page before moving forward. If you are unsure if you should make a page, then just make a new wiki discussion about making it.

Wiki Namespaces

DokuWiki has what is known has namespaces. The simplified version of it, is that they act as categories you can create pages under, and upload images. videos, and other files under. This wiki will have the following namespaces, dedicated to the following:


This is a precreated namespace, that we will not be adding to. The only important page under this namespace is the syntax page. Learn how to use DokuWiki's syntax to make the best, most beautiful wiki you can!!


This namespace is for Paper Castle Games' page, and the main page for each game they create. Ex. The main Underhero page. Yuri Bacon will handle creating new pages in this namespace when Paper Castle Games releases a new game.


This namespace is for any and every page relating to Underhero. Anyone can create new pages under this namespace.


This namespace is for any page relating to the community around Paper Castle Games or any of their games. If a new page doesn't belong to the papercastlegames namespace, or the namespace of any specific game, then it probably belongs here!


This namespace is entirely for internal discussions, organization, or any other meta discussions about the wiki itself.

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