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Gameplay Basics


Being a Playstation game, the game is designed with the original PS1 controller in mind, but it also supports Analog and Dualshock controllers in analog mode. In analog mode, you can use the left stick in addition to the dpad for movement, but the game has built in SOCD (Simultaneous Opposite Cardinal Directions, ex holding left and right at the same time) cleaning, so left + right inputs will cancel out into a neutral input, so there isn't any advantage to this mode. The game also supports rumble, if that suits your fancy.

However, when playing in an emulator, which is where you'll likely spend all of your time playing, any controller you find comfortable will do, so long as you have a 8 way directional input, 6 gameplay buttons, and 2 non gameplay buttons on your controller. If you're used to Gamecube controller from playing Smash titles, consider using a different controller to avoid Smash habits like DI/SDI when hit (neither are present in this game), and use something with a better dpad.


Move inputs are universal across all characters in this game, similar to other platform fighters like Smash. Notation and names for these moves vary between who you're talking to, and across this wiki, so here is a chart of all move inputs, names, and notations you'll find here.

Input Emoji Common Name Number pad Notation Smash-style Name Description
:bs: :bs: :bs: Jab string / Jab 1, 2, 3 SSS Jab string / Jab 1, 2, 3 A basic 123 close range move that ends in knockdown.
:bs: Launcher 8S Up Tilt Launches the opponent into the air, as the name says. Hits high.
:bs: Sweep 2S Down Tilt A sweep that causes knockdown, and the only move in the game to hit low.
(Near) → :bs: Throw 6S Throw When in range, throws your opponent, and connects on blocking opponents. On whiff, you get jab string instead.
→→ :bs: Dash Attack 66S Dash Attack Causes knockdown, not very useful. Hits high.
:bx: :bs: j.S Neutral Air Can only be used once until you land on the ground again. Hits High.
:bx::bs: j.8S Up Air If done while falling, you can gain a little height or stall in air a bit with it. Can only be used once until you land on the ground again.
:bx::bs: j.6S Forward Air Gives you a set amount of forward momentum, which can either speed you up or slow you down depending how fast you were moving before use. Can only be used once until you land on the ground again.
:bc: Special 1 C Special 1 Highly unique between characters, and is usually character defining.
:bt: Special 2 T Special 2 Highly unique between characters, and is usually character defining.
:br1: Digivolve / Super If you're playing as a rookie character, full meter will let you digivolve into a stronger character. If digi'd or playing as an evo, you get a super move. Supers are highly unique between characters and have some invincibility on startup (unless you're Seraphimon).

:bs: moves done in the air, marked above as needed :bx:, don't have a commonly used name, so you might hear varying names for it them. For more specific move information, check out the move list on each character's page.

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