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Omnimon [Evo]

Omnimon is a placeholderlevel digimon.

Element -
Defense 1.084
Jump 3/5
Walk Speed 7/10
Feint Resist 7/10

Move & Character Data

Move Frame Data

Button Start Up Frames Active Frames End Lag Frames Frame Advantage Damage (Avg) Meter Gain Effect Notes
Jab 1 :bs: 5.3% 6.6% Stun
Jab 2 :bs: :bs: 5.1% 6.6% Stun
Jab 3 :bs: :bs: :bs: (1st hit 2.5%) (2nd hit 2.5%) 6.6% Stun then Launch
Up :bs: 5.1% 6.6% Launch
Crouch :bs: 5.3% 6.6% Knockdown
Dash :bs: 5.1% 6.6% Knockdown
Technique 1 :bc: 7.0% 10.2% Stun
Technique 2 :bt: 4x 4.68% 14.8% Launch
Air :bs: 5.1% 6.6% Stun
Air Forward :bs: 5.1% 6.6% Stun
Air Up :bs: 5.1% 6.6% Launch
Air :bc: 7.0% 10.2% Stun
Super :br1: (1st hit 21.8%) (2nd hit 21.8%) (landing on ice spikes can deal up to 65% or more) 0 Stun then Launch The opponent can block the 2nd hit even if the 1st hit connects, the dumb thing about this super is it can do some crazy chip damage on block at certain distance, no one is really sure why it sometimes works. Also be wary not to land on the ice spikes of the Super, it can deal some hefty damage.


Stage Specific Combos & Tech

Character Specific Tech

Anti Meta

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