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Gabumon is a rookie digimon. Despite his overall terrible moveset, he is a rarely seen but very good character for his best in class run away game. No other else even comes close to his camping game, but the price to entry is learning to build meter with his lackluster moveset, and being really good at his digivolution, Metal Garurumon. Arguably better than Gatomon, but only just so.

Element :water:
Defense 1.015
Jump 2/5
Walk Speed 3/10
Feint Resist 7/10


Ground Normals
Jab :bs: Launcher ↑ :bs: Sweep ↓ :bs:
While all 3 hits can true combo, if it actually does or not is unreliable. Not very useful. Very fast. Useless.
Ground Normals (Cont.)
Dash :bs: Throw → :bs:
Useless. Doesn't fail, but you won't find yourself using it a lot.
Air Normals
Neutral Air :bs: Forward :bs: Up :bs:
Not very useful. Very Fast. Probably Gabu's best normal. Very fast, and gains a lot of height. Very useful for stalling in air when you're camping.
Specials & Super
Technique 1 :bc: Technique 2 :bt: Digivolution :br1:
You can't instant air projectile with it, nor jump cancel to make it come out faster, its just that slow, period. It also moves slow, so its not particularly useful itself, but you can at least stop incoming projectiles with it. Funnily enough, being a bad projectile is probably its biggest strength, as you can bait people into wasting their precious time trying to out power your fireball with theirs, then just bail out and continue camping when you're about to get it. Not very useful. Movement! This move goes about as high as his jump does, without actually using a jump, allowing you to still use both of your jumps afterwards (and of course, up air), giving Gabu a lot of uninterrupted air time to just chillax and not worry about being hit by anything for a while. You can also dash cancel into this for fast get aways. Oh, and you can hit your opponent out of the air with it too I guess, but that isn't very useful. Gabumon's moveset is rather lacking in all but camping, but digivolving into Metal Garurumon more than makes up for it. When you get full meter, use it immediately, the less time you have to play as Gabu, the better.

Damage & Meter

Move Damage (Avg) Your Meter Gain Opponent Meter Gain Effect Notes
Jab 1 :bs: Hitstun
Jab 2 :bs: Hitstun
Jab 3 :bs: Knockdown
Launcher ↑ :bs: Launch
Sweep ↓ :bs: Knockdown
Dash :bs: Knockdown
Throw → :bs: Launch
Neutral Air :bs: Hitstun
Forward Air :bs: Hitstun
Up Air :bs: Launch
Technique 1 :bc: Hitstun
Technique 2 :bt: Launch Can't be used in air.



Stage Specific Combos & Tech


Character Specific Tech


Anti Meta


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