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Garbage Recycling Center

Photo taken from “デジモンテイマーズ バトルエボリューション ハイパーEVO!ガイド/Digimon Tamers Battle Evolution Hyper EVO! Guide” pg 72. The Item spawn locations are labeled with a C

At centre of the stage is a “compactor” that will open from time to time. Overhead is a crane that will drop containers. If your Digimon falls in or gets hit, they will be damaged.

The edge of the center platform and the respawn locations being right next to each other makes infinites on this stage really simple. Hit the opponent off the stage, then repeatedly hit them off over and over.


  • When any of the big platforms are tilting, Digimon standing on them are technically in an aerial state, and therefore are unable to block.
  • The respawn infinite on this stage is extremely good and useful(and boring :-x ), it is advised for everyone to learn their Digimons infinite on this stage.
  • The highest platform is the best camping spot but be careful you don't have much horizontal escape options.
  • Try not to put yourself in positions close to the pit and don't jump around too much


If a Digimon is standing in the centre of the bottom platform while a Wargreymon does a super, they will get hit regardless of where the Wargreymon is located or which direction the Wargreymon was facing. (Video: It’s possible to stand inside the crates that have fallen down. To do this stand on top of one, then input ↓.:bx: as if falling through a platform.

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