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Veemon [Rookie]

Veemon is a rookie digimon.

Move & Character Data

General Data

Element :fire:
Defense 0.907
Jump 3/5
Walk Speed 4/10
Feint Resist 7/10

Win quotes

Move Frame Data

Button Move Name Move Name (Japanese) Start Up Frames Active Frames End Lag Frames Frame Advantage Damage (Avg) Stun Launch/Knockdown Notes
:bs: Neither
:bs: :bs: Neither
:bs: :bs: :bs: Knockdown
Up :bs: Launch
Crouch :bs: Knockdown
Dash :bs: Knockdown
:bt: 1st & 2nd Neither, 3rd Launch
:bc: Neither
Air :bs: Neither
Air Forward :bs: Launch
Air Up :bs: Launch
Air :bt: Can't be performed in the air.
Air :bc: Knockdown


Stage Specific Combos & Tech

Character Specific Tech

Anti Meta

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