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Glitches & Engine Quirks

This page documents glitches and unintuitive quirks of the game's engine.

This section is for glitches or quirks that affect normal play or can be actively exploited.

Instant Air Projectiles



Restands are a engine glitch where you can return a launched opponent back into hitstun in the middle of combo. Since the opponent never leaves an inactionable state, restands can be used as a part of true combos. To perform a restand on your opponent, first launch your opponent with any launcher, then hit them with any attack that doesn't cause knockdown on the same frame they they land on the ground. Some moves, usually multi-hit moves, naturally cause restands, such as Metal Garurumon's :bc:, or Wargreymon's :bt:. It can be used to extend combos beyond their normal limits by restanding your opponent with a move that can true combo into another move. To the left, you can see an example of Metal Garurumon first launching his opponent, then restand them with :bs: and following up with a throw, then Metal Garurumon again restanding his opponent, but using :bc: into throw instead.

Respawn Combos

Respawn combos are an engine oversight that allows you to extend a combo after throwing your opponent off the stage (or start one after your opponent falls off stage). When a player falls off the stage, the game deals damage to the player, changes the player's position to the respawn point, and sets their knockback angle down. The player then naturally falls until they hit the stage and enter knockdown. There is a X frame window (X of a second) between the player being moved the respawn point, and the player hitting the ground in which they can still be hit, always causing a restand. Depending on the stage, which character you are playing, and how soon you can make it back to the respawn point, respawn combos can lead to "Touch of Death" 100% combos or infinites. In fact, respawn combos on Garbage Recycling Center are infamous for being an infinite combo that can be performed by both players with every character, due to the respawn point being at the edge of the stage, only requiring you to push them just far enough to fall off the stage again to perform. To the left, you can see an example of <Placeholder, I don't know what I'll use as an example yet>.

Game Breaking Glitches

This section is for any glitches or bugs that "break" the game, primarily any bug that would prevent you from playing the game normally, and would be banned in a tournament setting. Most bugs are not likely to happen unless intentionally provoked.

Renamon Takes Flight


Sakuyamon's Bouncy Super


Metal Garurumon's New Favorite Toy

This is actually a result of Imperialdramon's super reset glitch.

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