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Windows Netplay Guide

btw you don't need to patch the game

Linux Netplay Guide

Mac Netplay Guide Netplay Server List

Current netplay pack version: OG

Everything Bellow is outdated

This page will guide you through setting up DRA netplay on Windows.


The netplay pack includes:

Download & Extract

Download the netplay pack, and extract the zip file anywhere you like.

Emulator Settings

By default, the game will be shown at a 3x scale, or about a 960 by 720 pixel window. You can easily change the window size, and a few other settings like emulator sound volume, by double clicking Game Settings file.

Controller Setup

You can play using a controller, or your keyboard. If you use a controller, be sure to plug in your controller before opening the game!

Open the game by double clicking on Play Digimon Rumble Arena (US) or Play Digimon Tamers Battle Evolution (US Proto). Now, press Alt + Shift + 1, to map your buttons

Here is a list of buttons and their actions:

Button Action
Dpad (↑↓←→) Movement
:bx: Cross Jump
:bs: Square Attack
:bc: Circle Technique 1
:bt: Triangle Technique 2
:bl1: L1 Guard
:br1: R1 Digivolve / Super
Start Pause
Select Hold on Character Select to play mirror matches. Press on Stage Select for alternate character skins.
L2 Not Used
R2 Not Used

Playing Netplay

Playing netplay is simple:

  1. Enter a gamekey/lobby code with /gamekey password or just /gamekey to clear the password that was set
  2. Join a netplay Server with /connect server name
  3. Leave the server with /quit or press esc to close the emulator completely

You'll need to run a few commands in the netplay chat bar, which you can bring up by pressing T on your keyboard.

Press F1 for a reference list of useful commands.

Joining Netplay

Before you join netplay, you'll want to choose which server you'll be using. Commonly used servers are, and You can find a list of public servers here. When picking a server, you want to pick the server that is halfway between you and your opponent.

While you're at it, you should also decide if you are playing the US or JP version.

Thats It!

You're now ready to play! If you're looking for other people to play with, consider joining the Digimon Rumble Arena Discord server if you haven't already, and swinging by the netplay matchmaking channel.

For more information on how to use netplay or its features, check out the netplay reference page.

New Game Settings

The netplay pack has new gameplay settings not in the original game, which can be changed in the games normal options menu.


This setting affects each stage's friction and acceleration values, or put another way, change how the game employs "ice physics". No Ice is the default.

  • Normal: The game's physics remain completely unchanged
  • No Ice: "Ice physics" are disabled on Glacier and Reapermon's Den, making them play just like Wilderness.
  • All Ice: "Ice physics" are enabled on all stages, making them play just like Glacier.


This setting affects stage hazards, such as the crane on Recycling that drops off boxes, or the boulders that roll out of the cave on Wilderness. No is the default.

  • Yes: All stages remain completely unchanged.
  • No: Stages are modified to disable hazards.

When hazards are disabled, the following changes are made

  • Garbage Recycling Center
    • The claw that grabs and drops off boxes has been frozen in place, preventing boxes from spawning, and the stage from opening up.
    • The moving platforms have been made stationary, for consistency in respawn combos.
    • Teleporter has been permanently turned off.
  • Wilderness
    • Boulders, big and small, no longer spawn.
  • Revolution
    • The stage no longer rotates at random intervals.
  • Sanctuary
    • The "storm" hazard no longer occurs.
    • The lighting boxes still move around the stage as normal, however.
    • At the start of every round, there is a 10% chance that the sky will be dark.
  • Glacier
    • The side platforms that break off have been made invincible, so they do not break off.
    • The falling icicles no longer spawn.
    • Falling speed has been greatly increased after hitting the icy water, so respawn combos require more strict movement and/or positioning to perform.
  • Volcano
    • Lava no longer erupts from the lower parts of the stage.
    • The "drowning" in lava effect has been removed, greatly reducing damage taken for falling off stage, as well as speeding up respawns.


This setting affects item spawning during gameplay. No is the default.

  • Yes: Items spawning is unaffected.
  • No: Items no longer spawn.

Hidden away under "controller setup" is this setting, which changes if the game plays music when in various menus. Yes is the default.

  • Yes: Menus have music.
  • No: Menus don't have music.
  • Random Character: On the character select screen, you can press Start to get a random character.
  • Random Stage: On the stage select screen, you can press Start to get a random stage.
  • Alternate Skin: At the map selection screen, press select to get your Digimon's alternate colors. You'll hear a sound effect and see your tamer brighten up. You can return to normal colors by pressing select again.
  • Play Mirror Matches: To pick the same character as your opponent after they have already selected their character, just hold Select, then choose the same character. This was always part of the game actually, and isn't exclusive to the netplay pack. They just couldn't be bothered to put it in the manual, I guess.
  • Alternate Tamer: Some, but not all, characters have alternate tamers that can be selected by holding L1 or R1 while selecting your Digimon. You can see your alternate tamer on the stage select, and in game when you digivolve. This is also part of the original game, and not exclusive to the netplay pack.

Old Versions

Looking for an older version? You can get them here, but they are no longer supported. They are kept around, mostly for the sake of viewing old replays, or if you want to toy with old features that have since been removed.

Stable 3.1 (includes Stable 3.0)

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