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Netplay Reference Guide / Cheat Sheet

Current netplay pack version: Stable 3.1

This page will guide you through setting up DRA netplay on Windows.


The netplay pack includes:

Download & Extract

Download the netplay pack, and extract the zip file anywhere you like.

Emulator Settings

By default, the game will be shown at a 3x scale, or about a 960 by 720 pixel window, without any scanlines. You can easily change the window size, and a few other settings like emulator volume, by double clicking Game Settings.

Controller Setup

You can play using a controller, or your keyboard. If you use a controller, be sure to plug in your controller before opening the game!

Open the game by double clicking on Play Digimon Tamers - Battle Evolution (Japan) or Play Digimon Rumble Arena (US). Now, press Alt + Shift + 1, and a prompt will appear at the bottom of the window saying Digital Gamepad 1 UP ↑ (1). Press which button on your keyboard or controller you want to map up on the dpad to, and it should change to Digital Gamepad 1 UP ↑ (2). Press that button again to confirm, and it should move on to Digital Gamepad 1 DOWN ↓ (1). If you get Digital Gamepad 1 UP ↑ (3), press Alt + Shift + 1 again to cancel controller mapping, and again a third time to restart the controller mapping. Repeat this process for every PS1 button.

Here is a list of buttons and their actions:

Button Action
Dpad (↑↓←→) Movement
:bx: Cross Jump
:bs: Square Attack
:bc: Circle Technique 1
:bt: Triangle Technique 2
:bl1: L1 Guard
:br1: R1 Digivolve / Super
Start Pause
Select Hold on Character Select to play mirror matches. Press on Stage Select for alternate character skins.
L2 Not Used
R2 Not Used

You can use VS CPU to test your controls and see if you like them.

Playing Netplay

Playing netplay is simple:

  1. Enter a gamekey (or clear it)
  2. Join a netplay Server
  3. Leave, rinse and repeat

You'll need to run a few commands in the netplay chat bar, which you can bring up by pressing T on your keyboard.

Changing Gamekeys ("Lobby Codes")

Before you enter netplay, you can use a gamekey ("lobby code") to make or join a public or private game.

To make/join a "public" game, just run /gamekey to empty out your gamekey. Now you will join with other people also using an empty game key. This is common practice for casual matches in the matchmaking channel.

To make/join a "private" game, just run /gamekey gamekey, where gamekey is your "lobby code". You can make it anything you want, like rainbows, tacos, or agumon1234. For other people to be able to join you, just tell them what your gamekey is before they join.

If you don't run /gamekey before joining netplay, mednafen will just reuse your last gamekey.

Joining Netplay

Before you join netplay, you'll want to choose which server you'll be using. You can find a list of public servers here. When picking a server, you want to pick not the server closest to you, but a server roughly halfway between you and your opponent. For examplee, if you live on the US east coast, and your opponent lives on the US west coast, then you should play on or When playing internationally, you'll want to pick the server closest to the coast, with one player playing "overseas" with higher input lag than the "local" player. For example, if a North American and European player want to play each other, you should play on either, or

While you're at it, you should also decide if you are playing the US or JP version of the game, since both players must use the same version.

Once you have decided on a server, run /connect server, where server is the netplay server you'll play on.

If you'd like to change your name in netplay, run /nick name where name is, well, your name. The server should tell you that You are now know as <name>.

Quitting Netplay

If you're done playing the game, you can simply close the emulator (the game window, NOT the command prompt!).

But, if you plan to play again with another player on another server very soon (like when playing in a tournament), you can just use /quit to leave the netplay server without closing the emulator.

Thats It!

You're now ready to play! If you're looking for other people to play with, consider joining the Digimon Rumble Arena Discord server if you haven't already, and swinging by the netplay matchmaking channel.

For more information on how to use netplay or its features, check out the netplay reference page, or the gameplay settings page.

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