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Battle Evolution Netplay Guide

This page will guide you through setting up mednafen netplay, as well as serve as a handy mednafen/netplay reference. The netplay pack is download and play, and very straight forward, but if you are having issues with set up, or just need to reference netplay commands or the list of servers, just check back with this guide. If you would like to set up the training mode lua script, check out the training mode guide.

Download & Install

Some cool features of our netplay pack:

Tournament standardized gameshark codes to remove RNG elements, such as removing items and stage hazards, and other fun codes such as turning on ice physics for all stages and more! All codes can be toggled.

→ Automatically load up the Character Select on start up, no wait no hassle. (F10 at any time to instantly return)

→ Automatic replay saving! Never miss saving a last cool clip or weird wackness.

→ Its Digimon Rumble Arena, online of course, what more could you want?

Everything is already configured and ready to play. Once you have the pack downloaded and installed, all you will have to do is launch the game, and set up your controls. The PAL version was not included to reduce download size, as no one is likely to play it. If you are interested in playing the PAL version, you can find a copy at the BatEvo downloads page.


Download the netplay pack, and extract the zip archive anywhere you like. You can extract the zip archive by right clicking on it, and clicking Extract Here…. To open the game, simply double click on Play Digimon Tamers - Battle Evolution (Japan) or Play Digimon Rumble Arena (US).



Binding Controls (One Time Setup)

Make sure you have your controller plugged in (if you are going to use one) before opening the game, then open the game up. Once mednafen opens, press T. A chat box should appear.

Now, press Alt + Shift + 1 to configure your controls. A prompt will show up at the bottom saying Digital Gamepad 1 UP ↑ (1). Press which button on your keyboard or controller you want to map up on the dpad to, and it should change to Digital Gamepad 1 UP ↑ (2). Press that button again to confirm. Rinse and repeat for all of the button on the PS1 controller. When prompted about turbo buttons, you can map them all to a single button or keyboard key that is out of your way. Here is a list of buttons and their actions to know when mapping your buttons:

Button Action
Dpad (↑↓←→) Movement
:bx: Cross Jump
:bs: Square Attack
:bc: Circle Special 1
:bt: Triangle Special 2
:bl1: L1 Guard
:br1: R1 Digivolve / Super
Start Pause, Hold on Character Select for Random Character, Hold on Stage Select for Random Stage
Select Hold on Character Select to play mirror matches, Press on Stage Select for alternate character skins
L2 Used for some netplay cheats, see netplay cheats section. Can be mapped somewhere out of your way.
R2 Used for some netplay cheats, see netplay cheats section. Can be mapped somewhere out of your way.

You can use VS CPU to test your controls and see if you like them.

Next, press T and type the command /connect You should connect to the netplay server. If you are able to connect, you can now run /nick name to change the name you appear as while in netplay, and the server should tell you that You are now know as <name>. You can then press T and run /quit to disconnect from the server.

Playing Netplay

Playing netplay is simple:

First, you can set a password so that you only can connect with other people using the same password as you, allowing you to make a "private lobby" on the server you join. Before you join netplay, just press T and enter /password password and press enter. Replace password with whatever you want (Ex: stream, password01, gamekey, coolname, tacos). For an easy suggestion, use your name and the name of the person your playing with. For example: /password yuritoto. If you use just /password, you will clear your password and join netplay without one, and play in the "public lobby" of that server. Note: Passwords used to be known as "gamekey"s, so you might hear some people still use that term instead of password.

Once you have a password set (or cleared), run /connect server. Replace server with the URL of any netplay server. You can find a list of public netplay server further down this page. If one or both of you have a bad connection to a server, try a different one.


As of Stable 3.0, the netplay pack now automatically starts recording a replay every time you join netplay, and saves the replay when you leave netplay or close the emulator (just don't close your Command Prompt/terminal window directly! Close the mednafen window). These replays are automatically moved to the replays folder, for easy access to archive and share them online. If you want to watch them however, you can double click on either Watch Replay.bat or Watch A Command Prompt/terminal window will appear asking you for what version you want to watch a replay from (US or JP), then from what day & time you'd like to watch a replay from. Those replays will then be moved back into the emulator folder, and the game will be opened for you. To watch a replay, press Shift + #, where # is 0-9 at the top of your keyboard (not the number pad) to pick a replay slot. The first time you joined netplay will be in slot 0, and every time after you joined netplay without closing an emulator will be in slot 1, then 2, and so on. If you joined netplay more than 10 times without closing the game, your replay *did* get saved, but mednafen only can select up to the first 10, so you will sadly have to rename some files yourself to access them. Once you have selected a slot, you can then press Shift + F7 to start watching. Sadly, you cannot skip past anything or rewind, and the replay will include time spent on the Character Select, but you can press the ` key to speed up your emulator past these sections.

Gameshark Cheats

As of Stable 2.0, the netplay pack now includes support for gameshark codes for added quality of life features and gameplay enhancements. Here is a list of the currently included codes (for a complete list of gameshark codes for this game, and how to use them, see Quality of Life and Gameplay Altering Cheat Codes):

→ Gameplay Toggles

Option Selections Default
Items On, Off, Item"less" Off
Stage Hazards On, Off, Intro Interruption Off
Stage Friction & Acceleration Original, No Slip & Slide, Oops All Ice! No Slip & Slide
Rounds FT2, FT3, FT4, FT5 FT2
Timer 00, 30, 99, 150 Default: 99
2P VS Music 1P Arcade Mode, 2P VS 1P Arcade Mode
Block Modifier Normal, Down to Block Normal
Items (R2 + Start)
Up Items On
Down Items Off
Left Item"less" - Item Limit reduced from 3 to 1. Fight for the only item!
Hazards (R1 + Start)
Up Hazards On
Down Hazards Off
Left Intro Interruption - Start fighting sooner, and even sooner by digivolving!
Stage Friction & Acceleration (:bs: + Start)
Up No Slip & Slide - Glacier and Reapermon's Den adjusted to match Wilderness & Volcano
Down Original - No adjustments!
Left Oops All Ice! - Every stage adjusted to match Glacier
Rounds (L1 + Start)
Down First to 2 (FT2) round wins to win the game
Up First to 3 (FT3)round wins to win the game
Left First to 4 (FT4) round wins to win the game
Right First to 5 (FT5) round wins to win the game
Timer (L2 + Start)
Up 100 seconds (99)
Down Infinite time (00)
Left 30 seconds (30)
Right 150 seconds - Timer shows 99 until the timer drops below 99 seconds
Music (Select + Start)
Up 1P Arcade Mode Music - Per Stage
Down 2P VS Music - Character Matchup Dependent
Block Modifier (L2 + Select)
Up Original - Hold L1 to block, optionally down to block low
Down Down to Block - You can now only block low, and cannot (easily) do sweep. Watch out for launcher and neutral air!

Quick Reference

  • Press F1 to bring up a reference list of netplay commands
  • Press Alt + Shift + 1 to configure your controls (make sure you plug your controller in before starting mednafen!)
  • Press Alt + Enter to enter or exit full screen mode
  • Press F10 to instantly return to Character Select
  • Press ` for speed up (doesn't work in netplay)
  • Press T to chat with other players, and run netplay commands.
  • Use /password password to play a private game. You must set your password before joining netplay, or it won't take effect until you quit netplay first.
  • Use connect server to connect to netplay. You can find a list of servers below.
  • To disconnect from netplay without closing the game, use /quit
  • Use /nick name to change your nickname during a netplay session.
  • Use /swap port# port# to swap ports with other players. Ex: /swap 1 2 will swap players 1 and 2.
  • Use /drop port# to "unplug" your controller and start spectating.
  • Use /take port# to "plug in" you controller to resume playing.
    • Note: While DRA/BatEvo only uses ports 1 and 2, you can take or swap ports 3, 4, 5, and so on. Good to know for playing casuals in a big group!

Netplay Server List

East Asia
Server Location Administrator Tokyo, Japan Yuri Bacon Singapore Yuri Bacon
Server Location Administrator Halfweg, Netherlands Host Unknown Roma, Italy Host Unknown Milano, Italy Host Unknown Ponte San Pietro, Italy Host Unknown Milano, Italy Speedvicio Manchester, United Kingdom Host Unknown London, United Kingdom Yuri Bacon Frankfurt, Germany Yuri Bacon
North America
Server Location Administrator Notes Califonia, US (?) Run by the mednafen devs (probably) NOTE: Tends to stutter a lot. The servers bandwidth or CPU usage may be bottlenecking? is recommended over this one. North Carolina, US Host Unknown Texas, US Yuri Bacon New York, US Yuri Bacon Fremont, CA, US Yuri Bacon Chicago, IL, US Yuri Bacon
North Asia
Server Location Administrator Moscow, Russia Host Unknown ?, Russia Host Unknown
Server Location Administrator Sydney, Australia Yuri Bacon
South America
Server Location Administrator São Paulo, Brazil Host Unknown


Ping Tests

You can find premade script files for ping testing mednafen netplay servers here. To run a ping test, just download a script for your OS and region, and then run it. The lower your ping is to a netplay server, the less input delay you will have and the better the game will feel to play for you. But watch out! You may not want to always play on the server you have the lowest ping to, because your opponent could have a very high ping to that server! You want to play on a server you both have as close to equal ping on as possible, while still picking a server you both have as low of a ping to as possible. Averaging both of your pings to each server and picking the lowest is the best way to pick a server, usually, but picking one half way between each of you geographically generally works fine.

Basic Training

If you want to do some basic training, but either can't or don't want to set up the training mode lua script, then here are a few pointers:

  • You can remap functions like saving and loading states, emulator speedup, frame step, and other stuff to where ever you would like them, including on the controller. Just press F2, then the default button for what you'd like to remap. You can them remap it like you would for your controller bindings. Pro tip: You can actually press one button, then press another to bind anything to 2 or more buttons! Just repeat the last key you press to finish mapping.
  • By default, you can use 0-9 keys at the top of the keyboard to select save state slots, and use F5 to save state, and F7 to load state.
  • By default, you can use Alt + A to pause the emulator, and then advance the game one "frame" at a time. "Frame" is in quotes, as mednafen will advance 1/60th of a second (60Hz), when the game runs at a frame rate of 30fps (30Hz), so you will have to press Alt + A twice to advance one frame in the game.
  • You can use Alt + Shift + 2 to map the P2 controls to test opponent actions. Mapping to the keyboard is always a good choice if you don't have a second controller (or find that awkward).
Editing Mednafen's Config File

A handful of mednafen's most essential settings can now be configured with an included tool. Just run Game Settings.bat or Game and you will be able to change window size, game volume, scanlines, and some other things. For other settings, you can check out the mednafen documentation page for more information.

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