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Tier Lists

Here we have tier lists made by players, that have played the game for a reasonable amount of time to make judgement on the placement of the characters in DRA. Keep in mind that tier lists should be taken with a pinch of salt.


Digimon Raw Stats Tier Lists:

Jump Tier list

  • S+: Seraphimon
  • S: Beelzemon, Magnadramon, Sakuyamon, Stingmon, Gatomon, Terriermon, Patamon
  • A: Reapermon, Blackwargreymon, Omnimon, Imperialdramon PM, Imperialdramon, Metalgarurumon, Wargreymon, Gallantmon, Renamon, Agumon, Impmon, Veemon
  • B: Megagargomon, Guilmon, Wormmon, Gabumon

Walk Speed Tier List

  • S+: Metalgarurumon
  • S: Seraphimon, Beelzemon, Magnadramon, Sakuyamon, Stingmon
  • A+: Imperialdramon, Imperialdramon Paladin Mode, Reapermon, Renamon
  • A: Omegamon, Blackwargreymon, Wargreymon, Gallantmon
  • A-: Megagargomon, Impmon
  • B+: Gatomon
  • B: Agumon, Veemon
  • B-: Gabumon, Guilmon
  • C: Patamon, Terriermon
  • D: Wormmon

Defence Tier List

  • S++: Megagargomon
  • S+: Metalgarurumon
  • S: Wargreymon, Gallantmon, Seraphimon, Reapermon
  • S-: Omnimon
  • A+: Beelzemon, Magnadramon, Sakuyamon, Imperialdramon
  • A: Imperialdramon Paladin Mode, Gabumon
  • A-: Blackwargreymon, Stingmon, Gatomon, Guilmon, Agumon
  • B+: Veemon, Terriermon
  • B: Impmon
  • B-: Patamon
  • C: Renamon
  • D: Wormmon

Normals Damage Tier list

  • S++: Reapermon
  • S+: Imp.Paladin Black.Warg
  • S: Omegamon Megagargomon Belzebumon Imperialdramon
  • A+: Magnadramon Galantmon Seraphimon Sakuyamon Wargreymon
  • A: Metalgarurumon
  • A-: Stingmon
  • B-: Renamon Veemon Guilmon
  • C+: Terriermon Agumon
  • C-: Gatomon Gabumon
  • C–:Impmon Patamon
  • D-:Wormmon

Lblinkin tier list

Rookie vs Rookie:

  • S (very broken) - Gatomon, Impmon
  • A (kinda broken) - Patamon
  • B (training hard, you'll become a great fighter) - Agumon, Gabumon, Guilmon, Renamon
  • C (can be played) - Terriermon, Veemon
  • D (just to represent a space)
  • E (poor him) - Wormmon

Evo vs Evo:

  • S (very broken) - M.Garuru, Reapermon
  • A (kinda broken) - Wargrey, BlackWargrey
  • B (training hard, you'll become a great fighter) - Omnimon, Sakuya, Seraphi, Sting
  • C (can be played normally) - Duke, Imperial, Imperial PM, Magnadra
  • D (can be played with difficulty) - Beelze, MegaGargo


  • SS (very broken) - M.Garuru, Reaper
  • S (kinda broken) - Wargrey, BlackWargrey
  • A (clearly viable) - Omnimon, Sakuya, Seraphi, Sting
  • B (viable but harder) - Duke, Imperial, Imperial PM, Magnadra
  • C (mastering, you'll become a great fighter) - Beelze, MegaGargo, Gato, Imp, Pata, Rena
  • D (not so viable against evos) - Agumon, Gabumon, Guilmon
  • E (good luck, you'll need it) - Terriermon, Veemon
  • F (poor him again, pls someone make justice) -Wormmon

Tomas tier list

Blackeyemon tier list

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