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Imperialdramon [Evo]

Imperialdramon is a Mega level Digimon, digivolving from Paildramon, the DNA-Digivolution of Stingmon and ExVeemon. In the game, it is used as Veemon evolved form. He is a solid fighter who suffers from a slow jab and abysmal walking speed, but makes it up with a decent toolkit and very good super that can be used both as a combo finisher and as a block punish.


  • His :bc: Positron Laser has a very high priority and cannot be stopped by other projectiles, going through supers as well
  • His super can be easily comboed into from an up :bs: launcher or a short jab combo
  • His super is the fastest super in the game tied with Seraphimon's (i1) and can be used as a block punish tool
  • He has a true infinite in his :bs::bs: > (restand) :bs::bs: > …
  • Idm can easily build meter while zoning out opponents with :bt:
  • Idm's :bt:(and jump dash Neutral air) combined with a dash can quickly close the distance between you and your opponent
  • His :bt: has a lingering hitbox, which despite visually disappearing, is actually still active for half a second


  • Below average walk speed for an Evo
  • His jab is extremely slow (i11 - compare with BlackWarGreymon's being i5)
  • The third hit of his jab string whiffs if the timing is not correct
  • If his super is blocked or whiffs, it is extremely easy to get a full punish on him
  • He can cause two glitches that put him in a bad spot
  • He is a fair character in an unfair game

Move & Character Data

General Data

Element :fire:
Defense 1.04
Walk Speed

Move Frame Data

Button Move Name Move Name (Japanese) Start Up Frames Active Frames End Lag Frames Frame Advantage Element Meter Gain Stun Launch/Knock Down Notes
:bs: 11 5 4 +2 4352 Neither Slow startup, active frame for ages. Can combo directly into Grab, if well spaced
:bs: :bs: 8747 Short Launch This second hit can be comboed into :br1:, if well timed. The heavier the opponent, the harder the timing. It can also be linked back into a :bs: restand, but again requires a very good timing.
:bs: :bs: :bs: 13186 Knockdown Whiffs after :bs::bs: if the timing is not precise, on certain characters
Up :bs: 4352 Launch
Crouch :bs: 4352 Knockdown
Dash :bs: 4352 Knockdown
Grab :bs: :fire: 4352 Knockdown
:bt: Splendor Blade Splendor Blade :fire: 8755 Knockdown Knocks down if both hits connect. If only the second hit connects, it keeps the opponent standing instead. Its forward momentum can be damped by pressing Back during the animation, making it safer at the price of dealing half damage
:bc: Positron Laser Positron Laser 14 - 11 0 (up close) :fire: 5990 Neither Knocks down jumping opponents. Highest priority projectile, cannot be stopped by any other projectile move in the game
:br1: Mega Crusher Giga Death 1 104 17 - :fire: 0 Knockdown Frame 1 super, hits for the full amount only if the first (invisible) hit connects. Very easy to punish if blocked, but can be comboed into quite easily or used as a block punish itself
Air :bs: 4352 Neither
Air Forward :bs: 4352 Neither Can be used as a combo starter if properly spaced
Air Up :bs: 4352 Knockdown Very hard to hit with, propels Imperialdramon further higher
Air :bt: cannot be performed in the air
Air :bc: Positron Laser Positron Laser 14 - 11 0 (up close) :fire: 5990 Neither Knocks down jumping opponents. Highest priority projectile, cannot be stopped by any other projectile move in the game
Air :br1: cannot be performed in the air
Damage Dealt & Meter Given on Hit
Button Reapermon Blackwargreymon Omnimon
:bs: :bs: :bs: 3494 + 3360 + 5107 = 11961 / 4511 + 4444 + 5317 = 14272
Up :bs: 3360 / 4444
Crouch :bs: 3494 / 4511
Dash :bs: 3360 / 4444
Grab :bs: 6656 / 8856
Air :bs: 3360 / 4444
Up Air :bs: 3360 / 4444
Forward Air :bs: 3520 / 4524
:bt: 2246 (x2) = 4452 / 3887 (x2) = 7774
:bc: 3994 / 4761
Air :bc: 3994 / 4761
:br1: 22273 / 33248
Damage Dealt & Meter Given on Block
Button Reapermon Blackwargreymon Omnimon
:bs: :bs: :bs:
Up :bs:
Crouch :bs:
Dash :bs:
Air :bs:
Up Air :bs:
Forward Air :bs:
Air :bt:
Air :bc:


  • :bs: > Grab (10150 damage [BWG], knockdown)
  • :bs::bs: > :bs::bs: > … (true restand infinite, but requires precise timing)
  • Up :bs: > :bc: (7354 damage [BWG], knockdown)
  • :bs::bs: > :br1: (29127 damage [BWG], requires full super. Timing depends on the opponent)
  • Up :bs: > :br1: (25633 damage [BWG], requires full super. Timing depends on the opponent)
  • Air Forward :bs: > :br1: (25793 damage [BWG], requires full super)
  • on light characters, :bs::bs: > :bt: is a true 4 hits combo

Supa Kicka

Stage Specific Combos & Tech

Character Specific Tech

Imperialdramon is notorious for being able to cause two glitches:

  • His super has a glitch: if it whiffs, the first move of the opponent which hits Imperialdramon is immediately canceled, giving the opponent room for combos that wouldn't normally be possible
  • After a Digivolution from Veemon or at the start of the round, the same glitch as above may occurr. This can cause him to get stuck together with another character, if the opponent used a grab with a special state (e.g. MetalGarurumon, Gallantmon, WarGreymon) - see here

Both these glitches are strongly favouring the opponent and have little to no practical gain for him.

Anti Meta

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