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Digimon Rumble Arena Training Pack

The Training Pack is Windows Only! The lua script that makes up the training mode pack can only be run in BizHawk, which currently only supports lua script support under Windows. BizHawk support under Linux is currently still in early stages, and there is no support for Mac OS at all. If you don't have Windows, you will just have to practice in 2P VS mode under mednafen :(

Everything is mostly preconfigured and ready for use. Only the US version is included, as the training script does not currently support the JP version at this time.


Download the DRA Training Pack here. This pack includes:

→ BizHawk 2.5.2


→ Digimon Rumble Arena (US)

→ Complete DRA save file (US)

→ AndreaJens' DigimonRumbleArenaTrainingTools lua script

→ A batch file to update the training script

NOTE: Linux users will either have to run this pack under wine, or natively under Windows, either with a VM or by dualbooting. BizHawk Unix support is still very early, and lua script support has not been implemented yet.

First Time Setup

Open up EmuHawk. Two windows should appear, the emulator window and the lua script window. Go to File → Open ROM, and go to the ISOs folder and open Digimon Rumble Arena (US).cue. Once you have the game open, you can go to the lua script window, and go to Script → Open Script, and select DRA_master_tool.lua. You may now minimize, not close!, the lua script window. On the main emulator window, hit F1, and you should load a save state that will take you to the 2 player VS character select screen. The emulator is now all set! Just go to Config → Controllers to edit your Controller mappings.

Regular Use

Once you have complete first time set up, you should be good to close the emulator at any time. The next time you open EmuHawk, it should auto load DRA and the training script. To open the training mode menu, simply pause the game. To enter or exit fullscreen, press Alt + Enter. Heres a list of other keybinds:

Keybinding Action
Pause Game Open Training Mode Menu
Alt + Enter Enter/Exit Fullscreen
` Fast Forward
Alt + A Frame Step
Pause (Keyboard) Pause/Resume Emulation
F# Load Save State
Shift + F# Create Save State

Updating The Training Script

When a new version of the script comes out, make sure EmuHawk is closed and run Update Training Mode Script.bat to quickly download the lua script directly from the AndreaJens/DigimonRumbleArenaTrainingTools master branch. Thats it!

Shout Outs

Thanks a bunch to AndreaJens for making this amazing training script! You've cracked a lot of stuff about this game we've spent months guessing at in no time, and its honestly great to not have to open 2P VS and do all the inputs yourself to test anything!

AndreaJens/DigimonRumbleArenaTrainingTools on Github

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