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Photo taken from “デジモンテイマーズ バトルエボリューション ハイパーEVO!ガイド/Digimon Tamers Battle Evolution Hyper EVO! Guide” pg 82. The Item spawn locations are labeled with a C

The volcano will erupt with pillars of fire at the bottom of the stage. The rock face will light up to signal when the volcano will erupt.


  • This stage is the one where people will move around the most, so utilize the dash on the edges of platforms to fly around quickly.
  • If hazards are turned on the getting items on the bottom is much harder and you might get suprised by the lava fountain that will probably send you in the lava pool
  • If hazards are turned on you should not pick nature type digimon, because if they fall into the lava even once, they will lose close to 20% of their health or more.
  • This stage has a lot of room to move around, you can use this to dodge projectiles.


  • By utilizing the Beelzemon/Renamon Dark Claw/Diamond storm glitch, it is possible to fly outside the normal parameters of the map. When performing this glitch occasionally Renamon will pick up items outside of the maps boundaries.(fixed in the US ver.)
  • On the bottom corners of the map, if the opponent is hit enough times in a combo they will fall out of the map and into the lava, causing them to respawn.
  • On the bottom left corner of the map because of the slight slope it makes certain combos possible that otherwise wouldn’t be, as the opponent takes extra time in the air falling down the slope. This can also cause the weird bouncy floating glitch that is quite common via other means (such as the Beelzemon/Renamon glitch described above).
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