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Stingmon [Evo]

Stingmon is a Champion/Adult level Digimon who digivolves from Wormon. He has above average mobility and many good tools for mid-range play. His super, while not very damaging, can be comboed into with relative ease against most of the cast and lets him recover 18.75% of his max health on hit.


  • Fast movement speed
  • Good toolkit for (limited) zoning and fast approach
  • His super can be comboed into with ease after a grab
  • Has a proper infinite link, using his :bs: as a starter
  • Many moves with + frames that allow for easy links


  • No real anti-air option
  • No real Up :bs: launcher
  • His super has subpar damage and doesn't deal any chip damage, so it's not advised to use it outside combos
  • His Air Up :bs: is bugged and doesn't yield any meter on hit

Move & Character Data

General Data

Element :nature:
Defense 1.0
Jump 4/5
Walk Speed 9/10
Feint Resist 7/10

Win quotes

Move Frame Data

Button Move Name Move Name (Japanese) Start Up Frames Active Frames End Lag Frames Frame Advantage Element Meter Gain Stun Launch/Knock Down Notes
:bs: 7.3% Neither
:bs: :bs: 14.7% Neither
:bs: :bs: :bs: :nature: 22.1% Knockdown
Up :bs: :nature: 6.6% Weight 3 or below: Launch; Weight 4 or above: Knockdown On characters with Weight 3 or below, the second hit of the move whiffs if the first connects. It can work as a launcher on a per-character basis, as it sometimes depends on when the first hit connects with the opponent (e.g. acts as a launcher on a backturned Reapermon, but not from the front)
Crouch :bs: 6.6% Knockdown
Dash :bs: 6.6% Knockdown
Grab :bs: :nature: 6.6% Launch Stingmon's only real launcher. Can be comboed into :bt: or :br1: on most of the cast
:bt: Spiking Strike Spiking Finish :nature: 16.3% Knockdown Hits twice, meter gain is awarded only once on either hit
:bc: Moon Shooter Moon Shooter :nature: 12.2% Neither
:br1: Evil Antenna Hell Squeeze :nature: 0 Neither Recovers 18.7% HP by hitting the opponent with this move. No chip damage. The opponent is launched in a free-fall state, from which they can freely act.
Air :bs: 6.6% Neither
Air Forward :bs: 6.6% Neither
Air Up :bs: 0% Launch This move yields no Digi on hit, most likely due to a bug
Air :bt: Spiking Strike Spiking Finish :nature: 16.3% Neither In contrast to its grounded version, this move hits only once. The air momentum can be steered by pressing Back during the animation. Due to the fact that it doesn't knockdown, it can be used as a combo starter.
Air :bc: Moon Shooter Moon Shooter :nature: 12.2% Neither The projectile is shoot with a downward angle of approx. 45deg
Air :br1: cannot be performed in the air


  • :bs: links into itself infinitely in a corner. It requires a microdash to combo into itself in the middle of a stage. The timing must be quite precise
  • e.g. :bs: > :bs: > :bs: > :bs: > :bs: (anywhere on the stage, 22.8% damage on [BWG])
  • :bs::bs: > Grab > :bt: (29% damage on [BWG])
  • :bs::bs: > Grab > :br1: (44.7% damage on [BWG], uses full meter)
  • Air Forward :bs: > Air Forward :bs: (right as he touched the ground) > Grab > :bt: (28.8% damage on [BWG])
  • Air :bs: > Air :bs: (right as he touches the ground) > Grab > :bt: (28.8% damage on [BWG])
  • Air :bs: > Air :bs: (right as he touches the ground) > :bs::bs: > Grab > :bt: (37.8% damage on [BWG] / 52.3% Digi)
  • Air :bs: > Air :bs: (right as he touches the ground) > Grab > :br1: (53.5% damage on [BWG], uses full meter)
  • Air :bt: > :bs::bs: > Grab > :bt: (35.2% damage on [BWG] / 54.9% Digi)
  • Air :bt: > :bs::bs: > Grab > :br1: (50.9% damage on [BWG], uses full meter)
  • After a grab, a well timed :bs: can restand the opponent. It works best with heavyweight characters, as they land nearer to Stingmon

Stage Specific Combos & Tech

Character Specific Tech

  • The timing for Grab into :br1: is character dependent and - while it might be harder against certain character - it is still a proper combo against the full cast, if properly executed. For consistency against heavier characters, Grab into :bt: might be a better choice to avoid dropping the combo.

Anti Meta

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