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Photo taken from “デジモンテイマーズ バトルエボリューション ハイパーEVO!ガイド/Digimon Tamers Battle Evolution Hyper EVO! Guide” pg 76. The Item spawn locations are labeled with a C

Digimon fall and get turned upside down when the whole stage revolves. Blocks will explode and damage your Digimon. Walls on both sides of the map makes infinites possible. However, the stage revolving at random times can act as a combo breaker of sorts.


  • If an exploding block appears in the air near you when the stage revolves, jumping can prevent it from hitting you. Larger Digimon such as the Digivolved forms are usually unable to jump away from them. If recovering on the ground after the revolving, it is also possible to block the exploding blocks.
  • Certain moves are still active when the stage revolves. This effectively turns those moves into unblockables when the stage revolves as the opponent is unable to block during the revolution. Examples of this are; Metalgarurumon :bc:,
  • This stage is ideal for digimon with at least descent mobility as the stage has many platforms to dodge with and isn't too long.
  • Probably the easiest stage to do wall infinites on, which still doesn't mean it happens all that often. If your digimon is good at stunning you can push them to the wall and do the wall infinite.
  • The red platforms dissapear when you stand on them for a bit, use this to force your enemy to try and jump away, then punish them.


It’s possible to get outside of the map. There are a couple of ways to do this, and each way gives somewhat different results. Firstly, by utilizing the Beelzemon/Renamon Dark Claw/Diamond storm glitch, it is possible to fly outside the normal parameters of the map. When performing this glitch occasionally Renamon will pick up items outside of the map, and can actually stay outside of the map without respawning for quite some time (this has been patched in the US version of the game).

The other method is by performing certain throws at the wall while the opponent walks into the wall. When doing this the opponent will glitch through the wall and respawn shortly after.

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