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Gatomon is a rookie digimon (well, actually she's a champion, but we don't care), and rookie format's most dominating character. At low skill levels, the meta game quickly devolves into "if you can't beat her, play her", and she holds up even at top level. She is a very good character all around, with good camping and a projectile that makes for a great wall when used well, and good meter building too, but the thing that solidifies her as the universally agreed best rookie in the game is her extremely efficient and consistent ability to create very large life leads from any knockdown situation thanks to Magnadramon's super being able to hit players during knockdown, without having to commit to digivolving until after your opponent is already knocked down.

Element :water:
Defense 1.0
Jump 4/5
Walk Speed 5/10
Feint Resist 7/10


Ground Normals
Jab :bs: Launcher ↑ :bs: Sweep ↓ :bs:
Fast, and true combos through all hits. Reliable, but unremarkable. The hitbox seems to be on the entire tail, so it hits behind her first, then hits in front of her as she spins around. Technically very fast, but how fast it actually is depends on spacing and the situation. Situationally useful. Slow, and only useful on hit if you have meter to combo into super. Useless.
Ground Normals (Cont.)
Dash :bs: Throw → :bs:
Only useful on hit if you have meter to combo into super. Useless. Solid throw, doesn't fail, but Gatomon's game plan doesn't make use of it much.
Air Normals
Neutral Air :bs: Forward :bs: Up :bs:
Not very useful. Like launcher, it hits behind her first. Situationally useful. Her fastest air normal, and good for annoying people above you.
Specials & Super
Technique 1 :bc: Technique 2 :bt: Digivolution :br1:
Your bread and butter game plan: spamming this obnoxious sound effect every second. Good neutral poke that true combos into :bt:. Also great for walling out approaches. Even if :bc: is blocked, feel free to use this anyways, because it unintentionally guard breaks, potentially leading to a knockdown anyways (covered more later). Doubles as a better dash. Not pictured: you, kicking your opponent while they're down with apocalypse.

Damage & Meter

FIXME Fill out table with damage and meter

Move Damage (Avg) Your Meter Gain Opponent Meter Gain Effect Notes
Jab 1 :bs: Hitstun
Jab 2 :bs: Hitstun
Jab 3 :bs: Knockdown
Launcher ↑ :bs: Launch
Sweep ↓ :bs: Knockdown
Dash :bs: Knockdown
Throw → :bs: Launch
Neutral Air :bs: Hitstun
Forward Air :bs: Hitstun
Up Air :bs: Launch
Technique 1 :bc: Hitstun
Technique 2 :bt: Launch …even on block! Covered in more depth under character tech. You both get send in an airborn state and whoever has the faster move gets the knockdown


FIXME Add combos. Knockdown to super, and C T Super

Stage Specific Combos & Tech

FIXME IDK if there is anything to even remark for specific stages for gato

Character Specific Tech

FIXME Added T guard break

Anti Meta

FIXME How do you beat gato anyways?

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