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Items spawn in predetermined locations on the arena and can be picked up by the player for different positive and negative effects. Despite spawning in predetermined locations, what item will spawn is for the most part random.

Most items in the game are cards, however, there are also two normal items, which are the following:

  • Bomb: Explodes after a set time. Digimon in close proximity will be damaged by 12.5%.
  • Bread & Chocolate Bar: Recovers Life Gauge by 12.5%

Card Items:

The majority of items in the game are card items. Unlike normal items, it is possible for card items to appear facedown. When a card is facedown it can not be picked up until it has been hit and turned faceup. Hitting a card that is already faceup will result in it moving horizontally across the screen. This can be used to make your opponent pick up undesirable cards.

All cards that aren’t related to the Digivolve Gauge have some form of lingering effect. This lingering effect is made visible by a small icon of the card that appears above the players health bar. A Digimon can only be affected by 1 lingering effect at a time. Picking up an item with a lingering effect will therefore remove the lingering effect of one that was picked up prior. These lingering effects can also be removed by Digivolving or De-Digivolving. This is extremely useful to be aware of as it can allow you to remove the negative effects of certain cards and prevent you from accidentally removing the beneficial effects of others.

Facedown cards; Eng.
Facedown cards; JP.

Digivolve Gauge Cards:

Notes Digivolution Meter influencing Cards
Digi Plus: The Digivolve Gauge will increase by 12.5%.
Digi Minus: The Digivolve Gauge will decrease by 12.5%.
Max Digivolve: Digivolve Gauge will max out.
Forced Digivolve: Force digivolve a rookie level Digimon whose Digivolve gauge is maxed out.

Attack Buff/Nerf:

Notes Buff/Debuff Cards
Queen Device: Attack power will be increased for 10 seconds. Your attack power doubles
Power Down: The attack power will decrease for 10 seconds. Your attack power will be halved


Notes Confusion Cards
Evil Ring: Digimon will become wild and uncontrollable for 5 seconds.
Evil Spiral: Digimon will become wild and uncontrollable for 8 seconds

Attribute Attacks:

Notes Attribute Projectile Cards
Fire Attack: Use one fire attack with 3 projectiles each deal 3.1% on Average, when picked up it lingers for 10 sec.
Nature Attack: Use one nature attack with 3 projectiles each deal 3.1% on Average, when picked up it lingers for 10 sec.
Water Attack: Use one water attack with 3 projectiles each deal 3.1% on Average, when picked up it lingers for 10 sec.

Use the attribute attack by pressing :bc:. Because attribute attacks are used by pressing :bc:, a Digimon who has picked one up is unable to use their normal :bc: attack until the attribute attack is used or lost. Like the other cards with lingering effects attribute attacks will also be lost after a set time. These attribute attacks can be utilized in a number of ways; both defensively and offensively. One particularly useful way is as a combo breaker. It is also possible to use it during a throws animation for some extra damage.

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